Peace Corp Art Festival was held in Mar.21,2015

From 2014, Professors and Students of PPIIA have taught Music and Arts for the Youths who are interested in the arts. All these programs are arranged by Peace Corp in Cambodia.

    • 2015 Peace Corp Art Festival in Takmao Arts Theatre for 150 young students by PPIIA Professors and Students in Mar. 21, 2015.

Art Class Music Class PPIIA Student’s teaching Arts PPIIA Student’s teaching Music

Congratulation to Abroad Scholarship Students!

3 Year Full Scholarship for PPIIA two students in Chon-Nam National University in Korea

    • Field: one Music & one Design students

 scholarship student in korea

    • 3 years Full Scholarship: One year Korean Language + Two years for undergraduate
    • They will leave on May 30, 2015.